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Are you moving to or from Savannah and have no clue where to begin? No worries! We are here to guide you through the entire moving process. For years, our company has been providing stress free moving services to people who are looking to relocate their house, company, business, warehouse etc. We will provide a truck and a team of devoted workers to accompany you. They will professionally move things from your current place, properly adjust them in the truck, and deliver your goods in a responsible, timely fashion.

We have built our reputation through work based on years of experience. We provide professional service when it comes to moving your belongings, let it be a single box or a room full, we guarantee our affirmation regarding any kind of moving service. We are never late – which is one of the many things our clients love about us. We make moving, which is usually stressful, relaxed and easy. Our staff is extremely caring towards you and your belongings, going the extra mile to see our customers satisfied. Our great communication skills ensure us to always be on the same page during the planning of your move.

There are a couple of convincing points that will make you definitely hire us:


You can rely on our services to be less stressful for you as hiring us is very convenient


Our workers are experienced in their field and ensure proper packaging before moving your furniture etc.

Suitable: Our packages will suit your needs as they are versatile and easy to choose from and our workers are very friendly and will explain you and answer all your queries.


Our service is efficient and we have handsome sized trucks fitting your movables comfortably.


Our company is well reputed and dozens of happy customers walk out of our offices every day ensuring a haste-free experience.

Satisfying our customers is our top most priority and motto. Our committed and dedicated workers follow a four simple step rule of packing, loading, unloading and unpacking in the most protective manner. We act as the guardian angel and Popeye at the same time when handling your move. Hire us and feel the weight lift off your shoulders!

The Best Moving Company in Savannah, GA

While we make the move for you, you can be busy with your daily routine and important meetings. Our business is all about providing the best moving services around town. We make sure that our clients get what they want from us. By choosing us as your movers, we assure you:

  • Great communication skills and cooperation with you
  • Always doing more than said just to make it easier for you
  • Moving the items and boxes as responsibly like they belong to us
  • Being punctual about timings regardless what happens
  • Accomplishing and accepting your every decision just to let you know how much we value you
  • Providing you the most professional team that is suitable for your shifting work
  • Assuring the move to a new place is an enjoyable and a tension free experience for you. Providing you the necessary supplies for packing
  • Providing you almost everything that you need while moving – just name it.

Our extremely passionate team of workers will move your belongings in the most responsible way. Our services and team will always be there for you if you need to ask anything at any time, in fact we love being asked about our services.

Professional Movers in Savannah, GA

To make sure your goods are safe while moving, our company works professionally and efficiently. Whether you are moving your house, office, business or other commercial places, we provide the best moving services in town. We have made moving easy for many people. Try us, and you won’t be disappointed.

Our team consists of honest movers that will take great care of your belongings. They will responsibly pick up your belongings and drop them off at the new location. They can help you pack and unpack your goods. Our skilled moving team believe in proper planning beforehand. Our team has proficient communication skills, letting you know exactly how we have planned to move your possessions. We also pack your belongings neatly so that moving becomes simpler for you. We are sure that all items packed by us will not be damaged. One of the more frustrating things to encounter while moving is people not able to find their things. Our staff will assort your things in a way where everything is in place and nothing goes missing. We have a team of experienced movers providing moving service at its best. Our prices are economical, making it trouble-free for everyone to enjoy what we have to offer.

We recommend to plan your relocation at least a week before to avoid any mishaps the day of your move. If our clients choose to pack themselves, we recommend them to start packing early so that the moving process will be faster and easier. We also recommend making a checklist of items for each box so that nothing gets lost.

We know how to get every job done the right way. We are equipped with everything that is necessary for relocating. You can request a price quote from us for free.

SGA Moving
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 11 reviews
by Alex

The movers were friendly and accommodating. There were no damages to any of my belongings. In addition, I was recovering from a knee injury and consequently had some specific requests for how my belongings be placed in my new apartment. The movers were very receptive to these requests and did everything I asked.

by Rob

Amazing. SGA Movers is the only mover that I want to work with. They offered me an exceptional rate. I don't think, any company could've beaten their price so easily. In fact it's the best value I've come across yet. On move day, they handled wrapping my belongings with attention to details that I appreciate a lot. The moving crews were so personable and willing to go above and beyond to present us a superb service. Everything was done very well and delivered when promised. The movers were ready to do whatever to make sure their client was pleased. I completely trust them.

by Chelsea

SGA Movers was the best moving experience I've ever had! I woke up late for my moving day and they still stuck around and moved everything so fast, efficiently and wonderfully. The whole team was amazing. They were so gentle with all of my belongings and the rate was not way overly priced like many of the competitors I searched. I will use them every time I move in the city! Thanks guys, you're the best!

by Dianna

You are really as good as it gets. I called in spoke to Josh ask for quote transaction was fast, and they came on schedule. The team were super nice and very good at moving stuff! Thank you guys so much! I will recommend you to anyone that is looking for an affordable peace of mind when moving.

by Lauren

I was relocating due to a better position my company offered in their offices there. So I said to myself what the heck why not give it a try. Little did I know about how difficult moving actually is. So many things you need to think about. Even though I was going to a better salary, still I needed to find a new home for my family, so all that put quite a strain on the budget. Long story short, I needed to find the cheapest possible way to move. So we decided to hire a moving company, but keep the services we want limited to only those that we absolutely need.

I heard from my colleagues from work, who had moved before how satisfied they were with them. And really from the first contact, they filled me with confidence. They explained to us how the entire moving process would be handled and at what time. So we set the date for the agent to come and explain in person their services and do the necessary measurements. We explained to him that we only wanted their guys to transport our boxes, that we pretty much couldn't afford anything more than that. So he provided us with a bunch of instructions on how to pack different things, which in hindsight was very helpful. I think we would've ended up with just a pile of broken things if we hadn't read those instructions. They also offered to provide us with packing materials, to which we agreed, since their prices were far more affordable than those in stores. They have a great variety of boxes on their website! Now that the whole thing is over, I can say I'm more than satisfied with the services provided by SGA Movers. And I'm pretty sure my wife feels the same way. Full transparency from start to finish, no hidden costs, no surprises, no "unexpected expenses".

I was completely confident that these guys knew what they were doing throughout the whole thing, and I was right. All our things came in perfect condition. Nothing was broken, nothing went missing. Not even the easily breakable things, like wine glasses. Although, I have to add, we were pretty good at packing those.

Also, on the moving day the driver showed up exactly on time and was professional in every way from start to finish. He was polite and outgoing, and really took time to reassure us that our things would be fine. And the guys who loaded our boxes onto the truck were just as nice. I don't know who to thank more. They took extreme care of all our stuff during the whole process. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who is looking for moving helpers. We couldn't be happier with their service.

by Brian

Used their service yesterday to move. They were all courteous and friendly. They worked super well together and made my packing and moving a breeze.They were punctual and didn't waste any time. They were very respectful of me and my belongings.

by Dave

I could not be happier with the moving process with these guys. From the jump, Diana was incredibly helpful and responsive beyond the call of duty. The guys showed up on time and asked all the right questions. Even though the move was literally less than a block away (technically the same building) it would've still been a tedious task by myself. 1 Bedroom, but a lot of small boxes and heavy equipment. Everything was well protected, and packed well. They even salvaged my bed I thought I'd have to throw out, fearing it wouldn't survive being disassembled and put back together! Highly recommend!

by Oshin

Awesome service. Savannah SGA Movers was really helpful in coordinating the pickup, and the driver, Jeff was prompt with delivery. No issues with the car, either. I was really skeptical of all auto shipping carriers, but after this service, I am sure I will come back to SGA for shipping if I need it in the future! Many thanks to the team!

by Harriet

Our experience with the SGA Moving team was fantastic. They were professional, organized, efficient, communicated very well before and on the day of the move, and were very friendly. We were pleasantly surprised by how well everything was packed and cared for during the move, especially our delicate items. We highly recommend them! Thank you so much, Sergio, Matt, Tom, and Alex!! We can't thank you enough for making our move seamless and enjoyable!

by Ted

SGA Movers took all the worry out of moving day. Professional, polite ,and incredibly helpful. They arrived right on time for a 9am move and made quick work of our one bedroom apartment. They handled the 4th floor walk up like it was cake. Thank you Alex, Tom, and Matt for all your hard work! I will absolutely be referring SGA Movers to others.

by Rhonda

Shout out to John, very professional and helpful, Dimitri wrapped all my furniture fast and efficient, disassembled and assembled my bed in 10 minutes (total), team listen to him what needs to do, I'm really surprised how they wrapped my couch it's a magic), He made my moving day stress free. Thank you, Dimitri and his team!