Commercial moving in Savannah, GA

Our clients have always been satisfied with our service. Catering to every type and class of commercial move, we have relocated many domestic businesses, multi-national companies and privately owned small businesses.

There are a number of commercial moving service providers in Savannah, but we definitely have more to offer! Whether it be in quality, care or just providing solutions in any situation. Our professional team of movers provide luxurious service at a fair price within your budget. We’ll take care of your requirements for moving and give our best effort assisting you. The greatest thing about our commercial moving staff is that we treat your possessions as if they belonged to us. We can move your commercial belongings from any place to your new location in Savannah, GA. We also have a place to accommodate you in warehouse and storage requests.

Our clients have always been satisfied with our service. Catering to every type and class of commercial move, we have relocated many domestic businesses, multi-national companies and privately owned small businesses. With us, you are going to receive the finest moving service and experience ensuring efficiency at its finest. Our team experts plan out exactly how they are going to move your things from one place to another while keeping you in the loop ahead of time. Our strategy to pack and make moving easy for you is entirely unique from other moving service providers. An experienced team of movers will be there to accomodate you and work in accordance with your moving requests.

In addition, our skilled team of movers are trained to pack and move your belongings with attention and care, minimizing the risk of an accident. Assorting and loading goods require extensive guardianship which our team wholeheartedly fulfills. We provide complete solutions for all your moving needs, giving you outclass support.

SGA Moving
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by Morgan

The people from SGA Movers are amazing! Writing reviews is not really my thing, but I just feel like it wouldn't be fair to these guys not to put in a good word after all they've done for us. My girlfriend and I own a tattoo and piercing studio, and we recently found a bigger place for a lot less money in another city and decided to move our business. At first we wanted to just find a moving truck and do everything else on our own. We didn't really want just anyone touching and handling all our equipment. And it wasn't only the equipment that was the problem, but we also have some custom made paintings and other artwork by famous tattoo artists that we didn't want to risk getting damaged. But clumsy as we both are, we managed to break a mirror around ten minutes into packing. And that was it for us, we agreed to hire someone a little less prone to breaking stuff to do it for us. So we asked around a bit, and a regular customer of ours recommended Savannah SGA Movers. We gave them a call, explained that it wasn't really just furniture and PCs that we were moving, and the guy from their customer service assured us they could do it. To be honest I wasn't quite sure, but it's not like we had a choice. Anyway, they first sent a couple of guys to do an estimate (which I didn't even know was a thing, I thought they just had fixed prices or something), and that's about when I started to relax and trust them. It turned out that one of them was actually a fan of my work and also an aspiring tattoo artist, and he really did know the right way to handle all the equipment. All the other people (the ones who came to pack things) knew exactly what they were doing as well. I mean, those who were not confident handling our equipment, packed other things, like shelves, mirrors, chairs, and so on. They were also super careful with the artwork as well. Wrapped it all in all kinds of protection materials, and they also made sure that the boxes (which they brought themselves, by the way) were the right dimensions, so that the things inside wouldn't fly around and get broken.

Anyway, once it all arrived in front of the new shop, we were already prepared to start unpacking everything, figuring out how to reassemble the furniture and so on. I even invited a couple of pals over to help us with everything. They assembled everything back at a very reasonable fee! So that was pretty amazing - getting to sit back and watch your new tattoo shop come to life on its own. I almost felt like a VIP.

Both me and my girlfriend are beyond satisfied with the services we got. Really, these guys were amazing. Very professional, but also laid back and chill. I wouldn't exactly say that we'd do it all over again if we could, but if we do ever decide to move our store again, it will definitely be with these people.

by Leah

SGA Moving made the moving process smooth and painless! They helped us move offices from one building to another. We had a 3-hour window for the move, but everything was done within an hour. They showed up right on time, and took care of everything. Definitely recommend!