Packing services in Savannah, GA

SGA Moving stocks the best quality packing materials and boxes of all sizes.

Packing is a mentally strenuous task. What stresses people about packing is where to begin and how. The key is ensuring that everything gets properly packed and reaches your destination without harm. Obviouly, moving does not just consist of packing. Instead, a person or family has much more to do before moving. To help release one of these major stressors off your plate, we provide full packing services.

SGA Moving stocks the best quality packing materials and boxes of all sizes. We can deliver boxes and packing materials to you, in accordance to whatever it is you need. Room by room, we wrap and pack everything, from big to small.

We carefully pack everything and also organize your boxes with an inventory list so that you will not have trouble finding anything. We pack china, clothes, rooms, drawers, cupboards and whatever– you name it! Apart from packing, we also provide a service to help unpack your boxes.

The boxes we pack and move are guaranteed not to be damaged throughout your elocation.

Experience a packing service like never before with SGA Moving.

SGA Moving
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 4 reviews
by Anonymous

Excellent movers. Very professional and efficient. Start to finish my experience was amazing. Responsive, informative, comprehensive and fantastic movers! They are QUICK and competent and take the worry out of moving. All of my stuff was handled with extreme care! If I were ever moving again I'd definitely call the SGA Movers. They're the best!

by Ryan

If you're looking to go the distance, go with these guys. They are thorough in every aspect when it comes to moving. Everything from my sales rep Matthew down to the moving crew did a fantastic job. They treat your items like gold, for example, they even spent a generous amount of time packing and wrapping things as simple as my table lamp. This was my first time moving and although it seems excessive, I would image it being necessary since my stuff went 2000 miles un-scratched! I probably won't be moving again but if I did, I would be sure to use them without a doubt. Oh, and be sure to go with the dish pack boxes, they're bigger than the large boxes.

by Wayne

The moment I called SGA Long Distance Movers and got a thorough explanation from Luke on all the details I should know about long distance moving, I knew that we've found ourself a company that's going to relocate us from California to over here (Savannah).

Before they came to wrap and protect our furniture, they had sent out one of their professional estimators who made a list of everything we had inside our house, including all the boxes. One step closer, Luke reached out again and offered a price. We were delighted that everything was so clear and transparent, and it made us feel even more comfortable about putting our trust in this moving company.

The moving day came and three movers showed up with a guy that was leading them and we could only sit back and watch them do the magic. You wouldn't believe the professional attitude these guys keep during all the hard work. It was nonetheless during our delivery. I'd like to stress out that Matt and his team appeared 10 minutes before the arranged time and unloaded and re-assembled everything in no time!

I had wished I never had to move when I first started planning it, but after this wonderful experience, I know who I'm gonna call if I ever need to move again!

by Russ

Great moving company. Moved all the way from Brooklyn to Savannah GA and everything was packed perfectly and arrived on time. Staff were super friendly, super helpful and very fast. Couldn't ask for more.