Residential moving in Savannah, GA

With years of experience and happy clients in providing moving services, our company pride to provide all this at the most affordable prices.

Residential moving is one thing that many moving companies are not so confident about doing. You might wonder why that is so. The answer is that because a residential mover requires great care and extra effort, keeping in mind that all goods are used by family members and each and everything holds great value of love and compassion, building an outstanding house. There are many residential moving companies working throughout the country, but there are only a few of them that provide the relocating service with quality.

Our company promises and assures all the clients that they will get the most residential moving experience with us if they choose us for relocating. We know the attention our clients seek when they come to us. Our team has such a friendly environment that your family will be overwhelmed to have us around helping them. From packing to moving, and from moving to unpacking, our team would accompany you for whatever you want. If your family decides to pack themselves, you can get premium quality of moving supplies from us. From boxes for transporting, our team will help you with the whole process of residential moving.

With years of experience and happy clients in providing moving services, our company pride to provide all this at the most affordable prices. We understand that moving requires a lot of professionalism as well as trust. We assure our clients that nothing will go missing while you experience shifting with us.

SGA Moving
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by Amir

Seeing them move is very impressive. They are extremely fast in how they move. Alex and his team came on time, wrapped all our furniture and boxes and moved it with efficiency. Our canopy four post bed was complicated to to dis-assemble and assemble back together but one of the team members did a great job doing it. I was particularly stressed about that. Absolutely no complains. Their prices are very fair and they walk you through how they got to the final number.

by Ann

If I could give them ten stars I would. My experience was great, starting with Frank. I had spoken with Frank for each of my moves and he was very polite, attentive and accommodating. The movers arrived right on time. They wrapped all my furniture to avoid any damage, very professional and friendly. No extra expenses were required, fast and quality service for decent prices. Highly recommended!!!

by Valery

Dear SGA Moving team! Thank you so much for excellent and stress free experience! After moving couple times with different companies i did not know it could be that easy! And thank you for being flexible with my schedule! Speacial applause to Frank! I will definately contact you with my next move. GO GO SGA Moving!

by Sid F.

These guys were great. They arrived on time, worked quickly, and were extra careful with all of my belongings - even the individual pieces of my bed that they took apart for me got wrapped! They were polite, personable, and eager to provide a great experience. Nothing was broken or damaged during the move, and they were able to complete in a few hours what would've taken me days. I would recommend Using them to anyone I know that may be moving. They will definitely not disappoint.

by Frank D.

Very happy. Highly recommend.

I used this moving company because their price was okay and they could work in my timeslot, I actually found them on recommendation from another moving company that couldn't fit the time and date I needed. I spoke on the phone with the manager/owner and explained the details, I agreed to an arrival window that was right at my limit, so I was a bit nervous. The day of the move he called and said he could get a team to me early if I was ready, which was great.

The agreement is an hourly situation, so I was a bit wary that they would be slow/lazy. Quite the opposite, these guys were flying! They did a quick survey of the items and started moving, even packed up a fragile item for me (thanks!).

by Kristy

Love this moving company and love my man Daniel! Always does a perfect job and is prompt and professional. Used him a year ago...using them for a small job tomorrow and another one in two weeks!! Thanks Daniel&team!!!!!

by Kathryn

I moved yesterday with SGA Movers and I am so grateful that I did! Frank was so helpful and the movers were INCREDIBLY fast, punctual, professional and very kind. I was only moving the contents of one bedroom, but the move was still unbelievably fast (somewhere around 2.5 hours total) I couldn't believe it! Even when our street was temporarily blocked they simply found a way to get through and showed up at our new apartment with no problem. Everything was well taken care of (blankets on furniture, removed hardware for protection, etc) and in great condition when they left. They were great and helped make sure all of our furniture and boxes were in the most convenient places for us. I would recommend them to all of my friends in a heartbeat! Thank you Frank for all your help!

by Rendy

I just moved the first weekend in October 15 blocks to a new apartment. Alex and his team did a great job. They were very professional and made sure everything was done correctly. I realized that I could have done with 4 guys instead of 3, but they didn't complain. I would use these guys again for sure.

by Toomy

I will 100% use SGA Movers every time that I move. These guys were such troupers walking back and forth to the top floor of my walk up. They were all so beyond kind and over accommodating. They calmly explained everything and moved quickly and efficiently. It was a nice change of pace from the stress that usually comes with residential moving!

by Averill

SGA is as good as it gets. I've used them in February of last year when another company bailed on me because of the snow storm. It was ironic because their ad said "rain or snow, we'll come to the rescue", and then I saw the snowy truck in their pictures and I decided to give them a shout. I spoke with Ivan and he assured me that despite the snow, they will show up. I was given an arrival window of 2-4 and 10 minutes to 4 the truck showed up. The crew introduced themselves and the team quickly got to work. The lead mover's name was Stefan, but I can't recall the names of 2 other gentlemen. By the way these guys worked, you could tell they have been doing this for a while. All said and done, in the terrible weather conditions my move took less than 4hrs, and they even helped me pack my set dishes that I was afraid to pack myself. Upon unpacking, everything made it to the new place without incidents. The fees were clearly communicated up front, but really their only additional charge was the travel time ( time for them to get back). My building needed a COI and they were able to provide it that same day at no additional cost, when my previous company charged me $40 for it.

My only concern is that they didn't let me ride in the truck with them to the new destination saying that there is no seat belt for the 4th guy and that they can get a ticket if they get pulled over. Some other companies let me ride with them in the past, but I wasn't going to stress about that and just took a cab. I am relocating to FL soon and hopefully these guys can help me out with this move as well. Great people, great service, great price!

by Brian

Great service! They were on time, courteous, and extremely quick. Would definitely choose to use SGA again. Corporate is very fast in responding to emails.

by Tyson

SGA moving showed up on time and moved our things safely for exactly the agreed upon price. They were also good natured and fun to spend the day with. This is the second time we have used them to move with great success!

by Sara

SGA Moving is a very efficient prompt moving company. Definitely recommend! They protected all my furniture and knew exactly how to handle my belongings up a narrow steep stairway with ease!

by JaY

Smooth experience moving from Savannah out to the suburbs. Foreman Vadim was very professional and accommodating. Him and driver Alex made the process care free on my part. All my belongings were present and intact upon arrival, which was a refreshingly novel experience for me much unlike my previous moves. Considering the long distance, they made it in good time. Highly recommended!