Storage services in Savannah, GA

It’s time to hire us if you had thought of moving all of your belongings long distance in a cost effective manner. We always go the extra mile to see our customers satisfied.

Why store with us?

When we store you, thick moving pads are used to protect your furniture when it’s picked up, and we leave them on throughout your time with us. If you were to try and buy these pads and store it yourself, it would cost more money and aggravation. Let the professionals at TDY take this burden away from you!

We even have a climate controlled fridge area to store wine and etc.

By storing with us, you’ll have the comfort of requesting a delivery for specific items based off our numbered inventory list. This is key for those who are in the proccess of building a new home, and are slowly redocorating with their furniture as they progress. Save yourself the hassle of having to go to a self storage place. Moving is stressful enough! Let us relieve some of the tension off your back, by putting it on ours!

All in all, it would be wise to store your belongings with us here at SGA Moving!

Best Storage in Savannah, Georgia

So, you’re moving to Savannah soon and are making plans to hire a moving company to take you to storage. In the crowded streets of Savannah, you might not have the space you’re used to. Storage is the answer. In fact, storage service is a big deal in Savannah. You may be surprised when you search storage services in Savannah, and see how many options there are. Lets face it, we usually own more than we need and storage is a great solution!

What are Storage Service?

Storage facilities are generally divided up into many different sized rooms. When you consider storing your belongings, shop around for a good price. Pay for the size you need, dont get a large storage area to grow into. That would be a waste of money.

Storage service works based on contracts. Meaning, you will need to sign a binding contract with the service to abide by their rules and conditions. Some demand payment as an automatic deduction from a bank account.

Unfortunately, It is common for storage rooms to be forgotten or even abandoned, leaving the owner with a mess of unwanted possessions.

Usually a need for storage, goes with a need for a movers. Meaning, SGA Moving comes into play! Of course, moving service costs a little more, but this ultimatley can save you money. You have the assurance that your things will be moved and packed in the safest way possible. I’m sure you wouldn’t want any damage to your belongings!

Storage Tips

Measure the approximate size of your belongings.

Don’t open a contract for more space than needed. (If you are unfamiliar with how to do so, you can always set up a free onsite estimate with one of our representatives.

Label everything.

Most people open a storage contract for a long period of time, so it’s important to have everything labeled so you can remember what is what.(Of course, this applies more so to those who are constantly removing and bringing stuff in.)

Have a layout on how to organize your storage space.

Prioritize what things you may come back for, and what you know you won’t need for a while. (The last thing you want to do is have to take out half your stuff, just to find that one box you buried out back!)

Storage with SGA Moving

Here at SGA Moving, we don’t charge per room. Storage with a moving company is different than an average “Self Storage” place. We only charge for the actual space you take up in our facility. This space is calculated via cubic feet and charged accordingly. When storing with us, you can feel assured your belongings are getting packed and stored in the safest way possible.

Every item you have gets labeled with a colored and numbered inventory sticker. We then note every item on an inventory sheet, also making notation of any nick or scratch a piece of furniture may have. This is all to assure nothing gets lost throughout the process, and so that there will be no discrepancy when you decide to have us move you out.

SGA Moving
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
by Morgan

They were so helpful when I needed to change my scheduled pick up the night before and then when the pick up date came the gentlemen sent to help me were so nice and helpful! I moved from a storage unit to them and they carried everything out of my unit for me and were patient as I organized and filled the boxes they brought! They also helped take care of the trash that was left after my consolidation which they did not have to do! Overall, very satisfied!

by Paige

I would definitely use this storage service again! I used them to store items when I was subletting for the summer and it was a very easy service to use. Communicating with their team was a breeze and I never had to worry about the process of storing or receiving my items. Very professional!

by Sarah

Had a great experience. Crates were delivered by Alex, who called in advance, showed up on time, was extremely professional and quick. Packed up my crates, easy to stack and move around. A day later somebody came to pick them up - again, on time, extremely professional, big smiles, and super quick! What a seamless and simple process. The ease of everything, transparency of costs, and friendliness really eased all of my anxiety during my move. There is a $20 charge for redelivering you crates, but I read this on their site before signing up! Thanks for a great service!!

by Katie

I cannot express how fast, careful and efficient SGA Storage is. We were given our boxes in plenty of time before we moved, making the packing so stress free. The boxes were deep, extremely sturdy and built almost so you dont over pack so can easily lift and move with it. When the they arrived on moving day, I was floored by the speed they had our 46 boxes down the stairs and loaded into the van. The efficiency of them dismantling our bed & couch and careful packed away, my jaw was on the ground. To top it off they were very respectful of Covid 19 and even suggested curb side pick up if necessary. We were happy to let them in as they were wearing face coverings, as did my husband and I. We were so glad we did, we ended up have great chats 🙂 I followed in a Uber to my new apartment and by the time I got there they had the bed and couch set up. This is literally a machine service, Im usually one not caught for words and I was caught for words! Really and truly this alone topped off this hassle free 5 ***** experience. We'll defo be back!

by Ali

Everything was great and so easy to do! The drop off guys came up to my third floor walk up apartment and picked up without ever complaining, two lovely guys. The guy on the phone, Alex, was so helpful when I needed to change the time of my pick up to a little bit later. Great service overall!

by Eddy

I just finished up my first year of college, and I was moving out of my dorm. Before finding SGA, I had actually tried to rent from another storage service. They said they would contact me and send a van to help pickup my stuff... come move out day, no van arrived. No word from this company.
Thankfully, I found SGA Moving. I phoned in and immediately could tell Keely was a warm, genuine, decent person. I was (understandably) in distress, with several bags and no where to put them. But Keely was helpful and kind and probably was not aware of how much she was able to calm me down.
She answered all of my questions and after the call there was absolutely no confusion on my end, I felt like I finally had a solid plan again thanks to her.
Unfortunately, as I sped to pack my stuff and check out of my dorm, I realized I'd be at SGA only about 5 minutes before closing. I definitely would have understood if they had pushed serving me until the next day, but when I called to let them know, they allowed me to come in and store all of my stuff anyways. Instead of grumbling and huffing all night, they stayed a little under an hour past closing trying to give me the best deal I could get and insisting it was no trouble. In fact, rather than giving me a late check-in penalty fee or something of the sort, they actually gave me a small discount! Keely was kind enough to give compliments as to my manner and person, which was heartwarming after such a long and stressful day.
The storage units are plentiful, clean, and secure, and the reception lounge is homey - the last thing you might expect for a storage service! Refreshments, nice furniture, gorgeous interior design (including a koi pond outside), I was even offered hot tea (again, long after closing).
Amazing service!

by Siena

During this stressful time, my roommates and i could not be more grateful for storage for keeping our things safe, especially since we couldn't be there in person to keep an eye on our stuff. They were extremely kind and patient and gave us all the information we needed to make sure our move and storage was stress free. Burnest the manager was super helpful. Thank u for keeping our stuff safe!

by Amanda

I love this place. I love the staff. It has a big parking lot. It has 24 hour access. They bake fresh cookies everyday and leave them on the counter for customers to enjoy. They always have fresh, free coffee and it is actually good. They play animal documentaries in the office all day long. The have a weird coy pond in the parking lot. It's the best storage place ever.

by John

Hard not exaggerate about what a good place this is. It just has a really nice vibe. It's clean and secure. They clearly care about the little details. But mainly they just have great customer service. I got off the phone after talking to the guy who runs it and I turned to my wife and said, "The world would have no problems if people like that guy ran it." This is the first yelp review I've ever written. That's how good they are.

by Kiara

The most positive experience I have ever had renting space in a storage facility , ever. The people who run it are lovely--extremely cool, interesting, and helpful. The koi pond is gorgeous and a total life saver during such a stressful time. I would return again if I ever needed storage space in the future.